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Kezsports Skating Aids

If you are looking for a skating aid for your rink consider the KEZ ice scooter as there is no comparison with other market offerings ie: (pylons, chairs and metal bars)

From Douglas, Alaska to Huntsville, Alabama From Vancouver, British Columbia to Beaconsfield, Quebec Rinks throughout North America are choosing the Ice Scooter as the safe skating aid for their facility.

Read about how the Ice Scooters are helping kids with disabilities learn to skate


KEZ Ice Scooters Features:

  • SAFETY - It's the safest training aid available
  • STURDY - It's durable, made of molded plastic height 26 inches. Weight 15lb.
  • COST EFFECTIVE - No maintenance required. No steel bars, foam grips or bolts to replace. It will last for years
  • EASY STORAGE - The units stack on top of each other
  • ADVERTISING OPTION - Each unit has an 8.5 x 11 inch panel on the front where a logo or advertisement can be placed.
  • COOL COLOURS - The colours brighten up the rink - available in Red, Blue, Green - other colour options upon request.
  • USER FRIENDLY - Used by children, adults and people with disabilities who don't know how to skate.